Questions about QuoJob? Our experts provide answers

If, despite our extensive information about our software for advertising, event and media agencies or marketing departments, any questions remain unanswered, we will be happy to answer them on individual request. In addition, our experts provide information on the most frequently asked questions:

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What is agency software?

Uwe Gebauer, Business Development Manager: Ideally, agency software should reflect all areas of the company and their activities. All correspondence, receipts and finances can be stored and reused in a software for advertising, event or media agencies. You can also manage appointment coordination, schedules and employee management with professional agency software, for example. Overall, agency software reduces your administrative effort, decimates paper filing, streamlines operational and project-related processes and enables business reports within just minutes.

What can QuoJob agency software do?

Janina Wagenfeld, Consulting und Support: QuoJob is an integrated software solution that maps all operational processes and links them on the system side. With the database, document handling is considerably reduced, since all your company contacts and job processes are available at the push of a button – for viewing or further processing. No more space-consuming paper job bags; QuoJob provides you with all the processes for your projects in a digital job folder: Correspondence, briefings, project plan, offers, orders, incoming and outgoing invoices, team composition, time and cost budgets, profitability analysis. The standard modules at QuoJob are

The tools integrated in it depend on your chosen version, i.e. your license and required range of functions. In any case, we seek a personal meeting with each interested party in order to determine your actual need for software support.

For which agency does the software make sense?

Michael Diehl, Key Account Manager: Even if we still come across the widespread cliché that only really big agencies benefit from an administration or project software, we clearly contradict here! QuoJob is the best proof that even in small creative companies processes can be streamlined and synergies can be generated and used. Since our agency software is based on the modular design principle, i.e. modular, the modules and tools can be put together individually according to the needs of the individual client. Our credo is: As perfect as possible, but only as big as necessary! The sky’s the limit, i.e. there are no limits to the possibilities and options for special requests. If technically feasible, we are also happy to meet individual configurations on request.

How much does the agency software QuoJob cost?

Jil Büser, Key Account Manager: There is no general answer to this question. The price depends on your individual selection, i.e. on the number of user licenses and functions. As a guide, we have published our QuoJob configurator here:

  • QuoJob Basic – our recommendation for creative or media agencies with about five employees;
  • QuoJob Business – our recommendation for advertising agencies with up to ten employees;
  • QuoJob Professional – our recommendation for advertising, event or media agencies with around 25 employees;
  • QuoJob Extended – our recommendation for all agencies and marketing companies with more than 25 employees.

We offer start-ups and association members of AIKA and GWA an introductory version starting at 28.00 euros per month and thus make a concrete contribution to the promotion of young companies.

Depending on the version, we offer you the purchase or a rental option to use the agency software QuoJob. Financing is also possible on an individual basis.

Can I change an agreed software package, e.g. if the company grows?

Jennifer Weber, Support: Updates of our software for advertising, event and media agencies as well as marketing companies are possible at any time; additional functions can also be agreed individually. Please contact us; we will create the optimal solution for you and will be happy to make you an offer.

Is my agency data in QuoJob secure?

Thomas Lütcke, CTO: This question is asked again and again. We understand this well, because your company data from accounting, human resources and your customer data require sensitive handling and a secure technical environment. Our 256-bit SSL encryption makes your agency data as secure as your online banking.

Do all agency employees have access to the same modules?

Tilman Franz, Consulting und Support: One of the many advantages of our agency software QuoJob is the possibility of individual compilation of modules and tools. You can assign graded rights to your employees within the desired license and version. This gives you the option of submitting sensitive data only to a certain group of people.

As an international agency, we also employ foreign-language staff in our team. Does QuoJob support languages other than German?

Ümre Kartal, Development und Consulting: In principle, QuoJob is available in its freely selectable modules (e.g. for office management, human resource and project management, accounting and controlling as well as production) in German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch. Our multilingual module enables multilingual output of QuoJob documents and user use in these languages on the software interface. Date and time comparison for different clients is automatically included according to geographical location (time zone).

Who can help me with questions regarding the daily use of the software?

Klaus Fuhrmann, CEO: Especially if you are working with agency software for the first time, questions about individual functions occur more frequently at the beginning. This is normal and we are prepared for it. Always assume this when you work with QuoTec: We do not sell a product, but offer a holistic individual solution with management consulting.
 That’s what makes the difference. We see ourselves as partners of your advertising, event or media agency, your communication or marketing company. As such a partner, we are at your side right from the start with personal and competent contacts. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us, no matter how big or small your request is. After all, every customer enjoys QuoTec’s unmistakable premium support.

This is how you can reach us:

Via the “green cross” in the main module bar of your QuoJob software interface: We will call you back or send you a ticket number under which we will process your request..

You contact us via our free service hotline and speak to one of our personal contacts: +49 2102 100481-0.
Or you can send us a message using the prepared online contact form.

Tutorials: This is how the agency software QuoJob works

To help you use QuoJob, we plan to publish tutorials in the near future: as a printable PDF – so you can easily read about functions in your personal manual – and step-by-step as cinematic instructions in the form of explanatory videos.

Any questions regarding our Agency Software?

Do you have any questions about the agency software? Get in touch with us. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.