QuoJob Media Module leaves more time for consulting and creativity

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Advertisement placement, supplement distribution, planning of special publisher pages, poster reservation or booking of radio commercials: In the media processing of your agency you are constantly working under time pressure, handling a multitude of appointments, price lists and technical data. Keeping an overview requires attentive working methods, manoeuvrability and quick response even to short-term inquiries. Above all, however, you need software for media agencies that offers you all tools for processing publication requests.

QuoJob Media Tool facilitates planning and calculation

With the agency software QuoJob, you as an agency are optimally equipped. The media tool offers you a real relief: simple and comfortable operation, central input of all necessary data, clear display of all dates and publication plans. This leaves you more time to take care of the details of the order and your customers.

You can easily create media placements and reservations in QuoJob in the job module. To do this, you use the customer addresses stored in the contact module. If you are dealing with a new customer, create this customer as a contact beforehand and then link it to the other work steps, such as creating a briefing or creating an offer. The overview of all publications and reservations shows both the agency and the customer price, as well as the advertising form(s), publication date(s) and the medium in which the respective publication takes place.

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QuoJob agency software creates transparency and networking

Once you have created a new publication order with deadlines and briefing, you can transfer it to the implementing teams with just one click: Using the task function in QuoJob, you can store all information for the creative department on layout development, for example dimensions, technical features, motif requests and time specifications. If your media jobs are campaigns, we particularly recommend the Media Plan, which provides you with a graphical overview of all measures, publication dates and milestones, including withdrawal date, type area and technical production details for your colleagues in the graphic.

Use the QuoJob My Day module for your personal appointment planning. It shows you your daily agenda with all appointments, tasks assigned to you and to-dos. Once you have done this, simply check it off in the list. You can conveniently transfer the accumulated times to time recording – via the timer, that stops the start and end of work, or via manual hourly booking.

Do you travel a lot as a media consultant? No problem with your agency software QuoJob! The web-based software solution gives you access to your projects wherever you are connected to the Internet. You can also access appointments, to-dos, contacts and your time recording via the QuoJob app on your smartphone.

Ten reasons for QuoJob as software for media agencies