QuoTec – grown with the requirements of the agencies

Before we conquered the market as a provider of agency software, we were successfully active in management consulting for many years. Our clients were mainly advertising, PR, event, media and marketing agencies. This close cooperation resulted in deep insights into the structures and interfaces of companies in this sector.

That’s why we know that the day-to-day work in agencies consists primarily of creativity: Copywriters, concept developers, photographers, designers, production engineers, computer scientists, filmmakers and event managers develop strategies and campaigns, shoot and design. The pressure of deadlines often determines the course of the day: While one presentation is currently being held at the customer’s premises, two more are already in the making. The final version is often worked on up to the last minute, often into the late evening hours. If people become ill, are on holiday or on business trips, if deadlines or appointments have to be rescheduled at short notice, personnel reserves must be called upon. To prevent this situation from turning into operational chaos, the entire organization must function perfectly. People in agencies face this challenge every day. All over the world. We have responded to this situation. With QuoJob.

When we launched the first version of QuoJob in 2003 after several years of development, the many advantages of our agency software convinced within a very short time:
 After only three years, our client base has grown to 300 agencies. Meanwhile further developed, tool by tool, international marketing followed just two years later. Our service offering now consisting of web-based software, service and support for creative professionals and producers, for project managers and HR managers, for accounting and controlling is also represented in the Benelux countries, France, the USA and in South Africa. In Loppem, New York and Centurion near Pretoria, we have a successful local presence with our partners.